This is Frank

Professional project - 2015

The pitch: The Admissions department of my college wanted to work with me on some recruiting videos aimed at high school kids. The idea was to make a sketch that would be funny enough that it’d push high school kids over the edge to take that 30 minutes to apply to the college. Our school generally does a great job at producing serious videos, but Admissions wanted something a little lighter this time around. So Frank was born.

The process: I wanted a super bright, super clean image, but all I had to work with was the 5D and natural lighting. I opted for areas with as much light as possible, but finding it was tough sometimes. Generally, I found that the more windows I could open, the better my shot.

"My Shadow"

Class project - 2016

Whenever I do class projects, I like to pick one specific way I can push the boundary of what I've done before. On this project, I decided to attempt making an entire short filming in raw on a DSLR with that Magic Lantern hack. I learned a few things in the process, but the main takeaway is... I'm renting a better camera next time.


What NOT to Bring to Your Private Lesson

Professional Project - 2015

The Pitch: In an effort to expand their brand, my friends from back home at a local music studio got in touch with me about making some short videos they could use as content for their social media posts.

The process: Our shoot was a logistical headache. Since I had to fly back out to school, we only had a few hours to get all our coverage. So we came up with a format that was easily repeated, and had a minimal number of scene changes so we could get everything.

By now, the videos have gotten more than 10,000 views collectively, and effectively propelled The Studio's private lesson program into something much bigger.

Ben Howard music video

Class project - 2017

The area I wanted to focus on for this project was my ability to organize a shoot with a challenging amount of variables. Things like blocking and directing seven actors, working with only prime lenses, and anticipating the setting sun were some of the variables that made this tough. On top of that, we only had one afternoon to get all our main coverage, so everything needed to be run tight and smooth. The shoot didn't go without problems, and the end product isn't perfect, but we got it done, and I vastly improved my multitasking abilities.