S.R. Brandon: Summary

SR (short for Stanley Ray) is a college senior studying media communications. After discovering his passion for film at age 8, he's worked to refine his skills as a filmmaker and designer through personal projects, professional projects, and a proper education in media. The years of real world experience he combines with his film education has given him a distinct problem solving ability that's proved to be extremely effective at the ad agencies and media companies he's worked for.

Contact: info@srbrandon.com

Early projects

Although I've taken traditional film classes, I learned the core of my visual storytelling techniques through stop motion. I wasn't given the modern everyday tools that people have today. To explain why that's significant, I'll put it in abstract terms. If being a film newbie was represented by an island, I got off that island with a refrigerator box and coconuts. When I learned how to put the rudimentary pieces together and sail to safety, I became a master, and those "tools" became intrinsic into every craft I'll sail in the future. It was learned at a level of survival, not a dumbed down template.

Here's some examples from 2011 (towards the end of my stop motion "career"). I can't say I'm super proud of my high school self's writing and conceptual skills, but these shorts represent when started figuring out some specific visual storytelling techniques I still use today. 



Sound design

Effects and compositing